January 1, 2016

Setting Goals 1/1/16

A lot of content you read online in January will be about setting goals and starting the year off with a new vision for yourself. I think anytime is a good time to start goals, but in the spirit of the new year’s resolutions, I have decided to share my goals with the world. Not only the big ones, but the small ones in order for you all to go on a journey with me of success and more than likely some failure. Through the journey hopefully I will learn about what motivates me to succeed and you the reader can share your stories or leave me some words of encouragement in the comments section. The following is my list of goals for 2016. The net has been cast far and wide. I don’t think we should just think that goals should be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound), although many people might find that criteria to be helpful, I don’t limit myself to goals that are rational. I like to dream big and I think that dreaming big has so far been more of an influencer on my goals than keeping them “SMART.”

2016 Goals

1. Visit Mississippi and New Orleans (where I grew up)

2. Strengthen my body and mind by being healthier.

3. Buy a citrine crystal. (Supposedly good luck for a Gemini.)

4. Blog Everyday
5. Be active at least 6 times during the week. (Doesn’t mean just going to the gym, but going out for a walk on the beach, yoga, playing Just Dance with my nephews, or a kayak session.)
6. Finish writing the book I have been working on.

7. Travel to Peru

8. Go on a Cruise

9. Generate Joy

10. Read Rumi

11. Make a YouTube Video about the New SAT
12. Make a YouTube Video about the SSAT
13. Develop an SSAT seminar/course
14. Visit Banff in Canada
15. Engage in personal/professional development each month
16. See at least 3 concerts!
17. Revisit a place I have been before (possibly Ireland or Brazil)
18. Visit Amherst College. Find some college students who would like to work with me. Interns?? (They don’t have to be Amherst students, but I will reach out to them first.)

19. Make time to unplug and have quiet time.

20. Compliment important people in my life. Starting with you. Thank you for reading this.

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