January 4

Have kids and don’t know what to do on a cold or rainy day? Here’s an idea.


     My nephews Ethan & Nathan love a great art project. On a particularly rainy South Florida day, my sister pulled out these giant monograms that you can buy at your local arts & crafts store for less than $5.00. The paint cost will vary depending on the length of time you desire to keep your art. This activity will keep children entertained for a few hours. I think this would be a fun activity at a child’s party. All of the children could leave with a monogram as their memento. I have worked at a few boarding schools and I am betting this would also be a great houseparent/getting to know you activity. Teachers could even do smaller ones for a classroom project at the beginning of the year. Feel free to send me an email or respond below if you have some great craft ideas for rainy days!

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