Educate South Florida

Educate South Florida is an educational services company which strives to engage the South Florida community and beyond to get more involved in Education. Our objective is to provide the highest quality personal learning experiences for our clients. Whether it is advocating for students, parents, or individuals looking to better understand the education system or speaking to individuals or groups to empower them to make intelligent choices about their educational future, Educate South Florida is determined to help strengthen the educational paths and understanding of education processes for all people.



Educate South Florida is dedicated to five core initiatives.

Our Founder

ChrisWith 15 years of experience in Education, Christopher Palacios has worked successfully with all levels of students; elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and adults. He is very patient and a good listener.


Whether your difficulty is missing background information, quickly learning new subject matter, developing better study skills, or overcoming low motivation, he can help you. Individual attention and materials are prepared according to your needs.


Throughout his career as a teacher, he has had the opportunity to instruct a diverse group of students. He participates in numerous professional development opportunities, which allow him to meet teachers and students from all over the world.


Christopher has worked in a variety of elite boarding schools all of which require a large time commitment to the student body and school. He often has to communicate with overseas agents from, Brazil, China, South Korea, Spain, and Venezuela about the educational concerns of students he has taught. He has even worked with celebrity parents. He works as educational consultant with various families who home-school their children.


If you are interested in working with a dedicated professional with passion for education and a love of learning, he can help you!